"Betty" - 1989 Aero Cruiser - 23' Rear Bed

Shoreline, WA 98133
United States

1989 Other OTHER
Class A
Fuel Type
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Exterior Color
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Presenting...Betty the Marshmallow! $6,500

1989 Aero Cruiser - 23' motorhome / RV with rear bed.
Here is a handy link to the typical stats for her model and year. Her floor plan is the first one pictured.

We fell in love with her at first sight, but rarely got to take her out on the road. Time for her to go to someone who will really enjoy her. She's just got something special about her...

That said, she *is* an old gal, and while we've put a bunch of work into her, she's still got some issues.

Here's what we've fixed:

Ignition coil /pickup coil
R&R Transmission Cooler
Replaced carburator
Radiator removed and recored, then replaced
Idler and Pitman Arm assembly
Drive belts adjusted
Fan clutch replaced
Fuel lines replaced
Transmission Cooler lines replaced

...and the known issues:

Cruise control doesn't work
Parking brake - WORKS, but needs a spring replaced
Missing 2 hub caps
Hot water heater won't light/heat
Generator turns on, but smokes (perhaps a blown head gasket)
Tires have very low miles, but are from 2012/2013. Les Schwab cleared them for road use.
Gate valve for the black water tank needs to be replaced (does NOT leak when capped however)
She's had water leaks in the past - think we've mitigated them all at this point
CB doesn't seem to work
Attenna on top is cute, but decorative (and was broken and glued back on - it's just for looks)
Entry step doesn't retract & switch doesn't work (and motor currently disengaged)
Missing front porch light cover
Deep cycle batteries are old and should likely be replaced
Fan motor for the propane heat blower overheats and shuts off after a few hours

All her interior lights work, she's got a great sound system, she's incredibly cozy (we took her to Deception Pass for Halloween - was amazing!), and she just needs to get out on the road more. Oh! And she's normally under a cover (something basic, but it will go with her) so the trees you see in the pic don't pester her with needles and goo. But I took it off for the pics :)

Give a call or shoot me an email or text if you'd like to come by and take a peek. Absolutely perfect time to take her out on the road!