6/26/2023  RVPostings

Whether you’re full-time RVing or embarking on a long trip to see sights and sounds, it’s easy to see life on the road as a 24/7 vacation. While RV trips are meant to be relaxing and fun-filled, you mustn’t lose sight of good and healthy living. In this blog, we offer tips on healthy living while RVing. We discuss the important factors to consider for a healthy RV lifestyle.

Plan and Prepare Healthy Meals

Staying fit and eating healthy meals is always a challenge while RVing. With the variety of deliciously greasy fast food and junk meals available, It would be easy to throw caution to the wind and eat cheeseburger after cheeseburger. Instead of slipping into an unhealthy eating habit, you can take advantage of your camping cooking gear set or RV kitchen and make ‘homemade’ meals on the road. Before embarking on your journey, plan out your RV trip meals and research the fresh produce and grocery options you would have access to determine what to stock up on. Outdoor enthusiasts should find the best camping cooking gear suitable for them.

Planning your meal and setting up a meal timetable means you won't overeat to pass the time due to boredom. Ultimately you’ll be less tempted to eat out, thereby saving money.

Stay Hydrated

The benefits of hydration can not be overly emphasized as it’s very important to your health. When you are at home, you're never really thinking about your access to water, it is readily available but on long road trips, you would want easy access to drinkable water. Dehydration may cause fatigue and headache, which would be a major downer for your camping trip. Most RVs have water tanks, but that may not be the most hygienic choice if the water has been sitting in the tank for too long. Consider getting refillable water bottles or stocking up on water-filled fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pineapple, cucumbers, and lettuce to ensure you enjoy a pleasant trip to your destination.

Incorporate Regular Physical Activities

Do you know you can enjoy a leisurely RV living and still keep fit? Going on a trip with your RV involves a lot of sitting around while on the road. You have less opportunity to engage in physical activities. Even your daily ritual of 10,000 steps may seem unattainable, and maybe inwardly, you are a little glad to take a load off and enjoy the 'easy RV lifestyle.' You can incorporate physical activities into your trip, and access to the outdoors is an opportunity many do not have to go hiking, jogging, biking, or even kayaking while soaking in the beauty of nature around you. Depending on the size of your RV, you can strap your gear to the roof or back of your mobile home and enjoy all these outdoor activities.

Prioritize Sleep and Rest

Make scheduled stops and breaks in your travel to walk around and stretch out to get the blood flowing and iron out the kinks that have formed in your back. Get to know your body better, pace yourself, and figure out what you're comfortable with on the road. Plan your itinerary by calculating stop time into your travel time. This scheduled rest will keep you sharp and relaxed; it won't do to be stressed while driving.

Driving can be exhausting, so getting good sleep is vital to enjoying your trip; it won't do to be bleary-eyed and grumpy from lack of sleep when you reach your destination. Getting quality snooze time in your RV may be easier if you have leveling blocks. Invest in some if your RV does not come with levelers. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, consider packing sleep gear for camping or the nighttime stops before reaching your destination.

Practice Good Hygiene

You won't want to fall sick and miss out on your adventure while on the road. There are a variety of little things that are constantly overlooked while RVing that can have an impact on your health. It is important to follow good personal hygiene practices. Be committed to thoroughly cleaning out your RV and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. Regularly launder your clothing items, including beddings, blankets, and towels, to prevent the accumulation of germs that might spread within the close confines of your motorhome. The air quality in your motorhome is also a big issue. Normalize opening your window to allow fresh air in your mobile home. Vacuum often to keep out dust and particles, and if you have a pet, to get rid of the hair. Air quality may not seem like such a big deal, but breathing in dust and hair may cause health problems such as allergies, inflammation, and asthma.

Also, you would want to have biodegradable toilet paper made especially for RVs. They dissolve quickly, and you don't have to worry about clogging. Don’t put a damper on your great adventure by wrestling with your toilet or go through the embarrassment of calling professional help.

Stay Connected to Healthcare

RVers may struggle to remain connected to healthcare and emergency medical care. For instance, some insurance plans limit out-of-state coverage, which leaves campers in limbo if they need medical on vacation. It might be a good idea to review your insurance coverage. There are ways to ensure medical needs are catered for, however. When going on a trip, adding a well-stocked first aid kit to your basic survival gear for camping is very important. It may be crucial to take care of any minor medical emergency during a road trip. Be sure to visit your healthcare provider to stock up on the medication you need for allergies and other medical conditions. If you have pets, plan ahead and pack any medication they may need also.


Staying healthy and fit while on the road in your RV is not impossible. Healthy living and travel do not have to be mutually exclusive; you only need to put in a little extra effort. When you plan and prepare healthy meals, incorporate physical activities into your trip, stay hydrated, prioritize rest and sleep, practice good hygiene, and stay connected to healthcare, you can enjoy a healthy RV lifestyle. Being healthy and staying fit should never be just an option but a necessity.