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The beauty of RV travel is comfort. You get to enjoy the feeling of home on the road. While RVs are of various types and have various floor plans and layouts, owners sometimes desire some modification or upgrade to get additional functionality for their RV, to meet personal comfort, family needs, or enhance resale value. You can get the perfect RV in style and design when you customize it to fit your taste. In this post, we discuss tips and things to keep in mind when planning the customization of your RV.

Exterior Customization

Before you commit your time, money, and effort to customizing your RV’s exterior, you should determine the look, design, and style you are going for. As with most other projects, having a solid image of what look you desire and for what other purposes you are customizing help guide you during the process. Sometimes a coat of paint is enough to get your RV looking modern and attractive again. Research different paint options, vinyl wraps, or decals for the desired look and style.

If the reason for your customization goes beyond aesthetics, say you seek to enhance functionality and storage capacity–accessories such as awnings, roof racks, or space to store your kayaking equipment, ski, bike, or surfboard should be explored. Also, look at your wheels, tires, and suspension to determine if they need maintenance or upgrade.

Interior Customization

When planning your interior customization, the layout and functionality of your RV’s features will determine if there’s a need for modification to optimize the use of space and the positioning of amenities. Storage options like overhead cabinets, Murphy beds, and ceiling storage racks can free up some space. You may convert an unused bed space for another purpose or remove it to free up living space.

Deep cleaning your living space and repairing visible damages can work wonders for its appearance. Painting and decorating your RV interior can make it look fresh, inviting, and clean. You should also consider replacing tired-looking curtains, wallpapers, and upholsteries to create an appealing atmosphere.

Functional Customization

Modification and upgrade choices depend on the reason you are customizing, and the purpose you want your RV to serve. A camper may have different needs from a family with growing children or couples going on a vacation. Long-time travelers or full-time RVers may require a dry shower and a built-in kitchen with faucets, sinks, and countertops. On the other hand, campers who are boondocking may be better served by installing solar panels to help power electrical appliances.

Your functional upgrades may be in the form of plumbing fixtures, bathroom amenities, and kitchen appliances. For instance, RVs are notorious for low water pressure, so consider replacing your showerhead with a high-pressure showerhead. Also, you can assess and determine if adding or upgrading features such as solar panels, generators, and water filtration systems can better serve your purpose.

Safety and Security Enhancements

Your safety should be your priority. Consider placing fire extinguishers and smoke detectors where there is a higher fire risk, such as kitchen countertops and near bedroom areas. You can prioritize safety when customizing your RV by replacing or upgrading your tires and brakes. You wouldn't want to risk a tire blowout or brake failure on the road. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an RV upgrade that can help monitor your tire temperature and pressure and alert you to any danger that may arise. Security measures such as backup cameras and blind-spot monitoring systems can go a long way in assisting your handling of your RV.

Personalization and Comfort

RV customization allows you to adjust your motorhome or trailer for a cozy and homey feeling. Small personal touches like throw pillows, family pictures, and decorative items may be all you need to get your camper or trailer to look and feel like home. You can upgrade or update your insulation to regulate temperature and enhance comfort.

Entertainment systems, gaming consoles, or smart home features can help create the home away from home feeling. Adding an awning or patio cover allows you to enjoy an outdoor living space. BBQ grills, camping cooking gear, and mini-fridges may be all that stand between you and an exciting outdoor cooking experience.

When you're customizing your RV for sale, it's essential to strike a balance between personalization and broad appeal. Your customization should be aimed toward functionality and aesthetics.

Tips for DIY Customization

Many RV customization is handled by professional and often cost a pretty penny. However, there are some Do It Yourself (DIY) customization that you can work on yourself. Your budget is the first thing you should determine when embarking on these modifications. A budget keeps you grounded and prevents you from indulging in a flight of fancy. Make a list of the upgrades and additions you want to make and have a clear plan where you’ve considered all the factors that may affect or limit your modification. Before starting the customization process, have a mental picture of your goals.

You should be prepared for setbacks and challenges. Fortunately, there are tutorials, forums, and online communities dedicated to RV customization where you can pick from others' experiences or even get inspired. Whatever customization you wish for that is beyond your capabilities to add or install can always be handled by a professional. Ask for help or advice when you are unsure about something.


RV customization may be all you need to get your dream RV. The upgrades, modifications, or addition can go a long way in getting your trailer or motorhome to feel much more like home. Whether you are transitioning to full-time RV living, modifying your RV to accommodate your family needs, or customizing your RV for sale, planning out your customization project will help you achieve your desired result.

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