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The beauty of life on the open road, the freedom to travel wherever and whenever, and enjoying the comfort of a home while exploring the world - these are just a few reasons why people think of finding an RV for sale. But nothing good comes easy, right? Purchasing an RV can often seem like the next impossible situation, especially when you have to debate whether to buy it from a previous owner or a dealer.

Most people argue that purchasing from an RV dealer is your fastest ticket to owning a new or slightly old RV. But do you know that purchasing your RV from a previous owner has a list of great benefits as well? If not, continue reading this post - we’ll discuss the pros and cons of buying an RV from a private seller, and how you can make an informed decision that pays well. Let’s dive in.

Used RVs for Sale by Owner - Everything You Should Know

Pros of Buying RVs for Sale By Owner

Potential Cost Savings

Let's face it! Living in an RV is a lifestyle that most people desire.

According to a North America Market Size and Share Analysis report, this considerably small market is now expected to grow from USD 18.36 billion to USD 26.96 billion by 2028. With such a growing demand, dealers will likely sell most RVs at a higher fixed price. The brighter side? You are still likely to find a fairly affordable RV from a private seller. And surprisingly, it can be a lot better than the same pricey RV you would buy from a dealer.

Negotiation Flexibility

It's pretty hard to negotiate prices of RVs for sale when buying it from a dealer. With the need to maintain profit margins, the prices are usually fixed, leaving you limited room for negotiation. Previous owners give you an opportunity to negotiate the price, helping you save some precious bucks. Just know that you have to initiate the bargaining process. A seller will never suggest a lower price if you don't sell your story - so be bold and discuss the room for negotiation.

Direct Seller Interaction

It's more than just making a purchase; buying an Used RVs for sale by owner often comes with the advantage of direct interaction.

Beyond the transaction itself, you may have pressing questions like, "Will you find a camping site easily?" or “How often do you have maintenance issues?" Try asking these to a dealer; honestly, you will only have many unanswered questions. Private sellers give you firsthand experiences, which can be invaluable in making an informed decision. You can ask questions directly, and in most cases, get immediate, honest answers.

Personalized History Insights

If you're a first-time RV buyer, the prospect of purchasing a recreational vehicle can be both exciting and overwhelming. RVs are complex vehicles with various features and systems, and it's natural to have limited knowledge about them. Buying an RV from a previous owner puts you in a better position to know much about them. You learn how they are cared for, common issues, and usage tips.

Cons of Buying RVs For Sale By Owner

Limited Warranties and Guarantees

Unlike new RVs, used RVs for sale by owner usually do not come with the same level of warranty coverage. This means you will assume full responsibility for any unexpected repairs that may arise shortly after the purchase. While you might be lucky to have a seller give you some information about the RV's condition, it's often a buy-as-is scenario, leaving you with potentially higher maintenance costs and financial risks compared to buying it with warranty protection.

Risk of Hidden Issues

Let's face it, no potential seller will come to tell you the engine is failing or the flooring plan isn't great. Their main goal is to sell it as soon as possible, so they will only tell you all its flaws, intentionally withholding some information about the issues it may have. You are allowed to do an inspection, but just looking around may not unveil those hidden defects. To be on the safe side, hire a certified inspector to get the job done.

Limited Selection

Buying from a private seller means that you have limited options to choose from. If you get one that matches your style and preferences, lucky for you- If you don't get one you like, your only choice is to buy or leave it. Buying new means you get precisely what you are looking for. Whether your preferences lean toward the model or the flooring plan, you will find something that definitely fits you.

Potential Scams

We can all agree that every marketplace has scammers. If you are buying a used RVs for sale from a free website, you need to be cautious of scammers. Some potential buyers have had a history of being scammed by ghost sellers. One great example is when a seller asks the buyer to pay the deposit before seeing the RV. Other scammers may tell you the RV is in a warehouse and will ship it for you. If you notice the buyer isn't straightforward, just abort the mission.

How to Safely Buy an RV From a Private Owner?

Research and Inspection

Any newbie purchasing a used RV should do their research and inspection. It goes a long way in helping you make a good investment. If you are unsure of what to look for during the inspection, you can hire a certified inspector to get the job done. You don't want to take chances when buying a vehicle with which you will be on the road for months or years.

Vehicle History Check

As the old saying goes, nothing lasts forever, which also applies to RVs. If the RV was purchased many years back, it means that most of its features are nearing the end cycle, which means you may have to do regular maintenance and repairs every now and then. By doing a history check, you get to know the age of the RV and gauge how many years it can serve you.

Price Negotiation Tips

Before you roll out some dollars to buy an old RV for sale, try learning some negotiating tips. Most sellers will set the prices slightly higher because they know potential buyers will negotiate. If you fail to use your negotiation skills, you may spend more than you should have.

Legal Documentation

The last thing you want is to buy a used RV only to have cops following you around because it's stolen. Ensure you acquire the legal documentation to show that it's entirely yours. For any seller who suggests a lower price without legal documentation, consider turning your head away.

Consider RV Images

The picture quality and number of postings can help you determine whether the seller is genuine or not. If the photos used to advertise the RV for sale are blurry or only one photo is uploaded, that's a red flag. A genuine seller will always upload many quality photos accompanied by more information about the RVs.

Frankly, used RVs for sale are a great investment. With well-conducted research and inspection, you can find a better RV at a lower price than the same one in a dealer shop at a higher price. That said, you can find some exciting options for new and old RVs for sale at our website RV Postings; you can apply filters and choose to buy an RV directly from a private seller or a dealer, according to your will. Get started here!