4/22/2021  RVPostings

  Why RV Ownership Is On The Rise


With the plunge to uncertainty caused by the pandemic it was only natural that the modern universal belief would be that the recreational vehicle market would die a slow painful death. Well, like many things in today's appreciative and thankful Covid-19 vaccine environment, recreational vehicles ownership is making a big comeback.


In fact, recent notations of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association reported that more than 7.9 million Americans now are proud owners of RVs. With people starting to go back to work and life again, the RV market is also starting to improve.


In the past RVs owners seem to be the older generation and retirees, but these old facts seem to no longer be true. Recreational Vehicle ownership today is a much younger crowd. They are seeing more value for the family in the long run. RV travel removes many of the obstacles that families run into on vacations. The old statistic was RV vacationing was 76% cheaper for the family. With the rising fuel prices this number is no longer constant.


The one thing the industry is benefiting from is the younger owners seem to be around the ages of 35 to 45. The new age group is making the big investments in spite of the rise in fuel costs.


With all the changes going on in the world and the extra hassle involved with air-travel the freedom of RV travel has a huge appeal. Just think for a minute, no more lost luggage, no kennel for the family pets, skip the airport x-rays and pat-downs, plus you can take the car too.


The appeal becomes very clear to both moms and dads. No more food you are unsure of, and forget the worries of the bedroom linens being clean. Today many are scared to death of catching something in a hotel — just the thought makes people cringe.


RV enthusiasts will readily fill your ears with reasons why it is better, safer and cost-effective to RV travel.  Get closer to nature and it is an easier and faster way to make new friends. Your RV travel experiences and memories can be had no other way in this day and age!


RV ownership provides every RV traveler with unfathomable opportunities for great freedom and flexibility.  Nonetheless, making the decision to own an RV is a question that should be answered for you and your family only after taking some time and doing research on your part. There are lots of considerations like cost and class. Will you haul a small camper or go for all the luxury of the big fifth wheel RV. There are price ranges to fit many budgets and sizes to carry the biggest of families.


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