6/7/2023  RVPostings

Like cars, RVs are depreciating assets. According to Investopedia, vehicles immediately lose their value once purchased. The good news is that your RV unit won’t languish in storage for a long time and lose its value if you are considering resale options and how to sell them. 

If you own an RV, whether a camper, motor home, or travel trailer and want to sell them for extra money or to get a new RV rig, you want to make sure you get the best price for your used RV. Don’t worry about its depreciating value. Here’s all you need to know about selling a used RV from scratch.

  1. Preparing Your RV for Sale

The condition of a used item meant for sale often determines the level of interest potential buyers put into purchasing it. If the camper or camper looks dirty, it leaves a negative impression on buyers and may deter them from purchasing it. Hence, before putting the used RVs for sale, consider giving it thorough cleaning, repairs, and upgrade inside and out to ensure it looks its best.

Remove personal items and clutter that make the RV less inviting. Inspect the interior and exterior parts of the RV to check for damages to fixtures, then repair them to make sure everything electrical and mechanical appliance works functionally. Don’t forget to keep the relevant paperwork for the RV available before putting it on the market to ensure a smooth handover after sales.

  1. Determining the Selling Price

As mentioned earlier, vehicles depreciate over time - RVs are no exception. The current market value won’t be what it was on the initial purchase due to its age and condition. Hence, it’s essential you set a price that will attract buyers. Don't forget there are other people waiting to sell theirs, but the pricing will determine whether people are willing to pay for it.

To determine a selling price, first research the current market value of the RV. If you can’t find your model on the market, search for similar RV models to know their current price. Once the research is complete, set a realistic and competitive resale price for the RV considering its age, model, make, and present condition. Don’t put the price of the RV at a non-negotiable cost. Consider setting the price slightly higher to leave room for negotiation while remaining within a reasonable range.

  1. Advertising and Marketing Your RV on Rvpostings

The next step is to advertise and market the RV vehicle. Traditional advertising and Marketing methods through print media are expensive. Plus, reaching potential buyers may take a long time, which causes the value of the RV unit to depreciate more. You can cut costs and reach thousands of potential buyers by advertising on "used RV websites” like RVPostings.

Unlike most used RV sites, RVPostings is an online platform where people can sell their RVs from anywhere, anytime, and for free. RVPostings fosters the used RVs for sale by owner approach. Hence, owners can sell their RVs themselves, removing extra costs like ad fees, which traditional advertisements require. All you need to do is sign up and create a listing to reach potential buyers fast.

  1. Engaging with Potential Buyers

After advertising the RV unit, buyers interested in the sale will want to communicate with you to know more about the models and finalize the deal. Keep in mind that selling the RV unit as soon as possible is crucial because the more it stays on sale, the less it depreciates and the less money you will get for it. Communicating with potential buyers on time will increase the likelihood of fast and successful sales.

Check your emails regularly to ensure that when potential buyers inquire about the RV, you respond to them promptly. If buyers show promising interest in the RV unit, be prepared to provide additional information on the model and schedule viewings or test drives.

  1. Completing the Sale

Once the buyer agrees on the selling price, get the necessary paperwork done to complete the sales. Get a lawyer or attorney to help you transfer the RV title and any extended warranties attached to the RV unit. Also, offer a receipt or bill of sales to show that a transaction indeed took place.

Still, before you transfer ownership and offer a bill of sales, make sure the buyer makes a payment, depending on your preferred payment method. Then, contact your financial institution to verify the authenticity of the payment.

  1. Finalizing the Transaction

After completing the paperwork and you receive the payment, it's time to finalize the transaction. Again, check if your personal belongings are in the RV unit and remove them. Then, decide on a time and place to hand over the documents, keys, and other additional items required to complete the transaction and communicate the information to the buyer.

During the handover, walk the new owner through the RV unit again to demonstrate its unique features and reassure them that they made the right choice buying the used RV for sale. This step will leave the buyer confident and satisfied with their purchase and ensures the handover is smooth.


Purring up used RVs for sale is half the battle won. Selling the RV is another complicated process. Still, it can be a simple task if you know the right steps to take when selling your used RV unit. It’s a matter of preparing the RV for sale, setting a fair sales price, creating a listing on used RV sites thousands of potential buyers have access to, communicating with the buyers and finalizing the sales. With these steps in mind, you will be well-equipped to navigate the selling process and sell your used RV unit in the fastest time possible.